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Trumbull, CT
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​​​​​​​​​April 2017
Dear Friends and Fans of Trumbull Baseball,
At Trumbull Travel Baseball, we believe that the very best young players in town should be able to play together against the very best competition, while proudly wearing "Trumbull" across the front of their jersey. We believe that our players should have access to top shelf coaching, and the best winter instruction in the best facility that we can find. We believe that our teams should play in the most competitive leagues around, and also should have the opportunity to Travel to tournaments out of state, where they can continue to build on their skills and the foundations of teamwork.
All that sounds pretty good, right? Well, I'm proud to tell you that the beliefs outlined above are the reality of Trumbull Travel Baseball. At this point you may be wondering what sort of cost is associated with all of that great stuff. As you can imagine, it can be an expensive proposition. League entry fees, equipment, indoor facility costs, and paid coaching are just a few of the things that begin to add up when we determine our fees per player. I'm happy to say, however, that we are currently one of the best values around. That being said, we believe that we can and should do better.
In conjunction, we are launching our 2017 Fundraising Campaign. We are offering one year of advertising on this web page for a donation of just $100.00. This money will go directly back into the program. Funds raised will be used to pay the yearly website renewal fee and also offset the costs to our players across the board.
Please take a moment and consider this donation for your business, or perhaps you can help us by forwarding to business owners you know who may also be interested in this fantastic advertising opportunity. Not only is this a pretty good bang for your buck, but you'll be helping some kids chase their dream.
Thank you, always, for your support,
Mike Buswell
Trumbull Travel Baseball 
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Trumbull Travel Baseball

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